We All Belong/Diversity and Kids (Website Resources)

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We All Belong

Recognizing and celebrating our differences and diversity in our lives is so very important in these times and will be important forever.  This is much needed in our society today.  Our God made each one of us using his creative and colorful palette that is so very beautiful.  In our churches today, we need to find more ways to help families grow daily in faith and with empathy and compassion for everyone while always embracing diversity.  We must provide safe spaces for all children to see themselves and others as being part of this diverse community of believers.

In this post there will be resources added over a period of time to reflect God’s creation and His Church for today.  There will be ideas for literature to share with families for faith talks and much more. Stay tuned.

Children’s Books:

Colorful-Celebrating the Colors God Gave Us by Dorena Williamson

The Colors of Us by Karen Katz

Black History Books for Kids

Excellent Sites and Activities are Listed Below:

Kindness-The Most Important Value Families Can Instill

Faith & Culture Resources for Children

Addressing Diversity & Racism with Children

Black Women Pioneers in U.S. Methodism-Part 1

Martin Luther King Day Activities

How to Talk to Kids About Race

Five Tips for Addressing Racism with Children

The site below also includes videos for children:

Dismantling Racism-Resources for Children

Praying for Change

Talking with Children About Race Relations

More To Explore