Using Children’s Literature as a Springboard for Faith Formation

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We can engage kids in God’s story as we interact with secular children’s literature in some very creative and exciting ways.  God leaves a lot of things up to us…after all He died for us so he does have a great deal of confidence that we will use what we have on this earth to share his story.  Jesus passed along examples in parables using objects and events to tell us about the goodness of God and how we should live.

So today, we can take the “mud and the spit” that we have available and use it in faith formation for children, youth and adults.  What better way to share in church and with families than to create our lessons around what the children are reading at home in conjunction with the Bible.

A great resource to begin with is one from the following source from Children’s Ministry where we can interact with Dr. Seuss Stories for Family Faith-At-Home, in the Sunday Schools, Children’s Ministry Events and could be revised for Intergenerational Worship Experiences.  Also, coming soon will be more examples and plans for how Literature for older children and Tweens can be used to spark family faith conversations.




Dr. Seuss and the Bible-Literature for Faith-at-Home or Church


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