Supply Chain Issues in Cana & Miracles in Your Household~Read Together Family Faith-On-The-Go~John 2:1-11 for July 31, 2022

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Suppose you were attending or hosting a birthday party with your children and they ran out of Kool-Aid.   There was no more to be found because of the supply chain issues in your area.  Then, all of a sudden, the pitchers were filled with the most delicious drinks you had ever tasted!  I wonder how you would respond?  Would you believe that it was magic?

Perhaps, we wouldn’t call it magic.  However, as we read about Jesus’ first miracle, the ordinary was quickly turned into an extraordinary event, even with the “supply chain” issue at that time.  Jesus’ glory was revealed in this moment and the disciples put their faith in him.


Jesus Turns Water Into Wine, New Living Translation

Children’s Storybook BiblesThe Jesus Storybook Bible, Read and Learn Bible, Celebrate Wonder Bible Storybook or other Children’s Bible.  There is also a fantastic video at the end of this post that your family may want to view.

Cultivate Faith Talk-The wondering questions enable all ages to see opportunities for new understandings and appreciation of the scriptures with its amazing messages instead of reading for information only.  

(Preschool-Early Elementary)

  • I wonder if Jesus was excited about doing his first miracle?
  • I wonder what the Disciples talked about that night?
  • I wonder how the servants reacted when they looked in the jars and saw wine instead of water?  What facial expression would they have? I wonder if they screamed with delight?  Do a “freeze frame” or still picture acting out their responses.  Parents may take a picture of this moment and talk about the picture later in the week.  Share this with friends and talk about the story.

(Late Elementary, Youth & Adults)

  • I wonder what the Disciples talked about that night?
  • What would you do if suddenly your water was turned into Kool Aid?
  • I wonder what Mary and Jesus talked about that night?
  • I wonder why Jesus chose that moment to do a miracle?
  • I wonder how this moment changed the Disciples thinking about Jesus?
  • What is most significant about this first miracle?
  • I wonder what you don’t want to forget about this story?
  • I wonder what it would be like to be a disciple at the wedding feast and see this miracle?
  • I wonder does this miracle remind you of the Miracle of the Loaves and the Fishes found in John 6:1-14?  Why?
  • I wonder, do you think Mary instinctively believed that Jesus would rescue the wedding feast when she told the servants to “Do whatever he tells you.”

Family Faith-On-The-Go & In Your Household

  • Notice the small and ordinary, but magical moments daily in your home space that signals an extraordinary event or feeling.  Stop, hold hands and thank God for these special moments.
  • Talk about how a small amount of money can provide a special meal when you cook at home.
  • Notice the surprises in your daily lives.  Here’s an example.  You suddenly find an extra box of Klondike Ice Cream Sandwiches hidden behind the brocoli in the freezer when you thought they were all gone and the grocery stores were out of stock!  Compare and contrast this event to the Bible Story.  How does this compare to the six stone water jars?
  • When you are in your yard, notice and talk about the small seeds or flowers you planted in the early spring and how they have grown and flourished during the summer months.  Talk about God’s miracles in nature.
  • Think of a book that you love or favorite Bible Story and how these few bits of paper with words gave you such pleasure.  Talk about how your excitement multiplied with each chapter.
  • If you donate to the local outdoor food closet, as you place a can in the space, notice how together with others, these donations would bring a miracle of a meal to a family.
  • Give compliments to your family members each day.  Notice how confidence grows and multiplies among those in your household.

“And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.”


Blessings & Prayers (All Ages)  Place your hand on your child’s shoulder or head or hold hands when giving the blessing.  They may also repeat this short blessing for you as they place their hand on your shoulder or head. “You, Lord, are my Shepherd, I shall not want” (Psalm 23:1).  Amen.

Anytime Blessings:  “I pray you always give yourself  to the work of the Lord…your life is filled with blessings, talents and gifts.” 

“I pray you trust in the Lord always.”

“You are wonderfully made in God’s image…I know whatever you do in life, you will do with all your heart.”

“God’s love is with you…my love is with you…God bless you as you rest this night.”

“May you wait quietly for God…may your hope always be in Him.”

As Families Rush Out the Door:  Place your hand on their shoulder and say,  “God beside you, God behind you, God in front of you…Bless you today.”

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine-Kid’s Video


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