Recognizing & Reimagining Those Faith-On-The-Go Moments-The Vacuum & Dog Hair Dilemma

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When we invite God’s presence into our lives, we need to “talk the talk and walk the walk” on our faith journeys with our families.  But how do we recognize those faith forming moments in our daily busy schedules, the rhythms of our daily habits, the mess and the chaos that takes place in our households?  The questions coming from parents are the same.  How do we recognize the moments in the lives of our families that can be amazing tools in our hands to use for faith talks and how do we reimagine and implement those tools?  How can we learn to see our habits through the lens of Jesus?  First of all, we must be intentional on our own individual faith walks as we contiuue to grow.  In addition, we need to keep a Growth Mindset for discovering and creating  opportunities for faith-forming moments as we reimagine our daily routines, connect and engage with God’s story with our families.

Remember, Jesus used object lessons with trees, yeast, seeds and mud.  So can we!

My Vacuum and Dog Hair Dilemma 

On Monday, following my early morning Bible reading from Exodus, I was reminded that God had ask Moses, “What is that in your hand?”.  Later that morning, I began to vacuum the large amounts of dog hair that had accumlated over the weekend on my carpets.  I noticed my efforts were not very productive.  So, with close examination when turning the vacuum upside down, I discovered that my vacuum nozzle was full of dog hair.  After very close inspection, I found the exact location of the mess and pulled out clumps and clumps and strings of hair that had clogged up the machinery.  I discovered an Object Lesson in my own household mess.

Following the hair removeable process, my thoughts turned to how sometimes I have clogged schedules.  Sometimes, there is litte room and opportunities to allow more important things to happen in my life relationships.

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 gives us our faith instructions for families.  Our God is inviting parents, grandparents and caregivers to recognize those moments, during their schedules and utilize them through the reading of His Word daily and to take advantage of opportunities to cultivate faith-on-the-go.

So let’s begin!  Stop (and recognize and reimagine the moment), Look (Look at what is in your hand and remember to read the Bible for the connection) and Listen & Share ( Listen to His small voice as you pray for guidance to share faith the way Jesus did with what he had available at the moment).

Families benefit from experiencing stories of faith in a variety of ways.  Multiple stories that relate to our personal backgrounds and life habits will plant the seeds of faith that God will grow in our hearts.

You can learn to recognize those faith-on-the-go moments especially in the mess and the chaos and the “dog hair dilemmas”.   The church can provide training for Children’s Ministry workers and volunteers to help families find the tools they need.

Follow this website.  Many additional resources are added weekly for parents, grandparents and caregivers to help everyone develop intentional faith practices in our life rhythms.

Here are a few examples of “Faith-On-The-Go” from my household.


Stop & Recognize and reimagine the Moment:  (“Oh no, the cookies are burned!” ) Look-What’s in my hand? & Remember: (The cookies are burned and I didn’t keep my eyes on them.)  I remember the story about Peter (Matthew 14:22-33), who was not keeping his eyes on Jesus…He fell in the water.  Listen & SharePray/listen to God and share about connecting this moment and wondering about Peter and if he had only kept his eyes on Jesus, then he wouldn’t have fallen in the water. You can conquer your fears and doubts if you keep your focus on Jesus. Don’t be distracted by the wind and waves either. Keep your eyes on Jesus!”  Also, keep your eyes on the cookies and they won’t burn!  Note:  I did make more cookies for my granddaughter.

Stop & Recognize and reimagine the Moment:(The vacuum cleaner nozzle is clogged-A dog hair dilemma.)  Look-What’s in my hand? & Remember: ( The vacuum won’t pick up the dirt, mess and look at all that dog hair.  It’s clogged-there’s no room!  (Read Ephesians 5:16). Listen & Share:  Pray/listen to God and wonder about how many times we get “clogged” and stuck in our busy schedules, scrolling on the Social Media, gaming, etc. We do that so often that we just can’t let God into our lives by spending our time reading the Bible more, praying more and taking opportunities to share our faith with others.  Let’s clean out the vacuum and clean out some space for Jesus time and take advantage of our opportunities to learn about and share Jesus’ love.

Stop & Recognize and reimagine the Moment:  (The Track Meet and she beat her own record for the Mile and the 800 Meter). Look-What’s in my hand?  There’s  joy in the moment of victory for a young girl!  Listen & Share:  God will always love you and I love you too, even if it’s a win or a loss.  Let’s pray and thank God for His presence in our lives.
Blessing from Psalm 139:5
“God will go before you and level the mountains…” Isaiah 45:2a. and “You go before me and follow me.  You place your hand of blessing on my head”.
Begin today to recognize and reimagine your own faith-on-the-go moments in your daily habits, the mess and the chaos of work in your lives and connect to your own Bible readings and devotions.  Then, just pass it on to your children and grandchildren and help them discover faith in their daily routines and habits.
Blessings each night for children and youth can accompany faith moments.  Here’s a Blessing for all parents, grandparents and caregivers I give to you today.
“God is opening the right path.  Be strong in the Lord.  Your good choices and path will lead your children too.  Remember, God is always a step ahead of  you and guiding you each day.”

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